Professor Katerina Harvati
(Head of Department)

Prof. Harvati is a paleoanthropologist specializing in Neanderthal evolution, modern human origins and the application of 3-D geometric morphometric and virtual anthropology methods to paleoanthropology.


özgür bulut_

Dr. Özgür Bulut

Dr. Bulut is a postgraduate researcher and lecturer at the Paleoanthropolgy department. His fields of research are Forensic Anthropology, 3D Craniofacial Identification and Forensic Facial Analysis.



Dr. Michael Francken

Dr. Franken is a research associate and manager of the osteological collection. His fields of research are Paleopathology and Human Osteology.



Dr. Sireen El-Zaatari

Sireen El Zaatari is a Junior Research Group Leader at the Department of Paleoanthopology. Her research focuses on the application of dental microwear texture analysis for the dietary reconstruction of extant and extinct primates, including hominins.



Dr. Alexandros Karakostis

Dr. Alexandros Karakostis is a postdoctoral fellow at the Senckenberg Institute (Paleoanthropology group, University of Tübingen), who specializes in the relationship between human hand bone morphology and habitual physical activity in bioarchaeological and hominin specimens. He has published a number of studies on hand morphology and function, including forensic anthropology and human anatomy.