Welcome to the homepage of the FACES researchers based in the University of Tübingen, Paleoanthropology Department, situated in the Archaeological Sciences Institute.

FACES produces and disseminates research on;
· Craniofacial Reconstruction
· Forensic Facial Identification,
· Forensic Anthropology and related fields.

Members of the FACES have expertise in areas including Forensic anthropology, facial reconstruction, paleopathology, facial anthropology, 3D geometric morphometrics.

Professor Katerina Harvati specializes in the broad application of 3-D geometric morphometric and virtual anthropology methods to paleoanthropology. Other members of the FACES have expertises on facial reconstruction, forensic anthropology,  pathology, human osteology and facial identification. The FACES collaborates closely with the archaeologists, anatomists, paleoanthropologists and radiologists. The FACES offers facial reconstruction services to museums, institutions and local law enforcement. FACES members have performed several facial reconstructions in forensic and archaeological contexts.

  • Facial reconstruction germany, Gesichtsrekonstruktion
    Facial Reconstruction of a Tios Soldier

The mission of the FACES is to achieve excellence in research, training, and service in craniofacial identification which is the process of recreating the face of an individual from their skeletal remains through an amalgamation of anthropology, osteology, and anatomy and analysis of human skeletal remains within a medicolegal and archaeological context.

Forensic casework includes identification of the dead & living e.g. osteological analysis of the human remains, facial reconstruction, post-mortem depiction, craniofacial superimposition, age progression and facial image comparison from CCTV.

  • Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology in Germany, forensic anthropologie, forensische anthropologie, identification, Identifizierung

FACES Courses I  Testimonials

The Forensic Anthropology course was very well structured and organized and I am very much looking forward to the courses on specialized forensic anthropological topics.
Dr. Susan Klingner, University of Göttingen

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